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The Wonders of the Holy Name

In this booklet, Fr. Paul O’Sullivan explains Jesus’s Name is much more powerful than most Catholics would ever guess. He demonstrates how easily frequent repetition of the name of Jesus can:

  • Glorify God
  • Call on His aid
  • Pay spiritual debts
  • Assist souls in Purgatory
  • Obtain many graces
  • Protect us from the devil
  • Help us die a happy death
  • And much more!

God is always offering His grace to us, and making use the most holy Name of His Son is a traditional and remarkable way to open yourself up to His many gifts. Habitually praying the Name of Jesus, Fr. O’Sullivan explains, is the least-known secret to a happy and holy life.

Favorite Prayers to Our Lady

All of the most well known prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary are contained in this complete booklet, Favorite Prayers to Our Lady.

Prayers within include:
  • How to pray the Rosary
  • How to practice the First Saturday Devotion
  • Rosary meditations of St. L. De Montfort
  • Seven Sorrows of Our Lady
  • Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christmas Prayer
  • The powerful Thirty Days Prayer
  • Fatima Prayers
  • The Rosary in Latin
  • Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • And so much more!

The perfect size to carry always, its daily use will aid your devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is the perfect gift for those faithful with a lifelong devotion to Mary, as well as for those who are just beginning to ask the Blessed Virgin to intercede on their behalf.

The Divine Favors Granted to Saint Joseph

The Divine Favors Granted to St. Joseph shows how this greatest of the Patriarchs is the patron of all Christians and how wonderfully he answers prayers; plus, it gives many of the ways of honoring him, as well as many prayers to request his intercession. One of the finest books on St. Joseph, it will surely inspire the reader with a profound devotion to this great "Patron of the Universal Church." Impr. 176 pgs; PB


Author of Wonders of the Holy Name:
Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, OP
Product Format:
Author of Divine Favors:
Pere Binet
Author of Favorite Prayers to Our Lady:
Mary Frances Lester