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Business Terms for Resellers and Distributors

Business Terms for Resellers & Distributors

Standard Reseller Accounts:

TAN Books offers a 43% discount (off the retail MSRP price) to resellers on all orders.

Auto Ship Program Members:

Members of our Auto Ship Program receive a 50% discount on all ASP shipments and a 46% discount on all other orders.

More About the Auto Ship Program:

Our Auto Ship Program gets you access to free reading copies of our new titles, along with as many copies for your store as you need – shipped as soon as each title is available. Auto Ship Program members also save more on all new and backlist titles! Full benefits include:

  • Automatically receive brand new titles

  • Receive a free copy of each new ASP title

  • Receive a 50% discount on all ASP shipments

  • Receive a 46% discount on all other orders – a 3% increase over non-ASP members

  • Add as many copies as you would like to each ASP shipment (minimum 2 copies per title)

  • Receive an additional free copy for every 10 additional copies ordered

Your customers rely on you to have our newest and best titles. Be up to date with all new releases and bestsellers! For more information and to sign up, please email us at

Credit: All reseller accounts receive 30-day terms.

Bulk Sales: Please email for more information about bulk/case premium discounts for a specific title.

Exclusions: Catholic Scripture Study International products are excluded from the above reseller discounts. CSSI products are available to reseller accounts at a 20% discount.

New Accounts: For more information or to set up a reseller account with TAN Books, please email

Existing Accounts: If you have an existing reseller account and would like to place orders online, please email us at and we will enable this feature for you. When shopping on our website, please make sure to log into your reseller account to ensure that the proper discount is applied when checking out.