About Us

The Publishers You Can Trust with Your Faith

TAN Books was founded in 1967 and was acquired by Saint Benedict Press in 2008. We are a
family-owned traditional Catholic publishing company located near Charlotte NC. Our products
are distributed across the world.
Our uncompromising mission is to help people become saints. 
The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church has ceaselessly provided God’s children with the
tools and resources necessary to become saints.
TAN has always been committed to the preservation and promotion of the spiritual, theological,
and liturgical traditions of Holy Mother Church. We publish over 1,000 titles. The topics covered
in our catalogue are extensive, but there is a primary focus on the interior life and the ways in
which the saints exercised their own interior life. This includes titles on Thomistic theology,
traditional devotions, Church doctrine, Church history, the lives of the Saints, educational
resources, Sacred Scripture, and much more.
If you ever purchase a TAN book that does not help you grow in sanctity, please return it for a
full refund. The salvation of our customers is our #1 priority.