The Little Office of Baltimore: A Traditional Office for American Laity

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The Baltimore Catechism formed generations of Catholics and provided a solid foundation in the faith for millions. In recent decades, it has enjoyed a renaissance among traditional-minded Catholics, yet few know that the Plenary Council which produced it, the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, also produced a manual of prayers (Imprimatur 1888).

This present volume, based on the prayers in that manual, bears the newly-coined name Little Office of Baltimore. With its peculiarly and unmistakable American pedigree, coupled with the fact that it preceded the extensive changes to the Divine Office that occurred throughout the 20th century, it is sure to be welcomed by today’s more traditional-minded English-speaking laity as well as those interested in historical Catholicism.

It condenses the much larger edition of The Office of Baltimore into a beautiful, compact prayerbook to take with you throughout the day. Containing prayers for the traditional hours as well as the saints, the Blessed Mother, and Psalms for various occasions, this edition will quickly become your daily prayerbook. It is the perfect gift for someone who has just entered the Church or has received Confirmation.

The Little Office of Baltimore especially appeals to today’s more traditional-minded English-speaking laity and those interested in historical Catholicism.

It retains a strong connection to the traditional Roman office which can be traced back, in its essentials, to Saint Benedict. Relying principally on the prayers found in the manual, when necessary the compiler supplemented with material gleaned from the English translation of the Roman breviary by the Marquis de Bute (Imprimatur 1903).

The result is a beautiful new resource for those seeking to deepen their prayer lives or just a greater connection to Traditional American Catholicism.


Claudio Salvucci
Publication Date:
May 11th, 2021

8 Reviews

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    A treasure in my library

    Posted by Lucienne on Jun 7th 2023

    This little office of Baltimore is a treasure to have in my library with the traditional prayers I never knew of.

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    The Little Office of Baltimore

    Posted by John on Jun 7th 2023

    It provides a treasure of stability and prayerful support.

  • 5
    The little office of Baltimore

    Posted by Jeanice Domec on Jun 4th 2023

    This is a beautiful devotional book kept near for frequent use . Grateful for this resource?

  • 5
    The Little Office of Baltimore Office for the Laity

    Posted by Eva W on Jun 4th 2023

    This is a wonderful prayer book. I ordered 2 more to give as gifts.

  • 5
    This book is fascinating

    Posted by CAREN CAMERON on Jun 4th 2023

    Each book I purchase through Tan books is a wonderful addition to the new Catholic library I am building. As a 2022 convert this newbie is reading as much as possible and your books are my favorite additions amd teach me as I walk more closely with God’s plan.

  • 5

    Posted by Timoteo Saldana Honesto on Jun 3rd 2023

    This is a great office to pray, despite currently working on how to use it, I am looking forward to praying using this.

  • 5
    The Little Office of Baltimore

    Posted by dsykora on May 24th 2023

    Is this the same as The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which you are supposed to pray if you are enrolled in the brown scapular?

  • 5
    Wonderful prayer book

    Posted by Margaret F. on Mar 19th 2022

    Over the years I have purchased a few different books for praying the Divine Office. Some have been too lengthy for me to pray and others had translations of the Psalms I did not prefer. I have found this book most wonderful. I love the translation of the Psalms. The way its been put together makes it very easy to use. The book itself is very sturdy. The pages are not too thin and have gold on the edges with a beautiful soft leather cover. There are also 3 different coloured ribbons. I am very pleased with this book and will be using it every day. Thank you Tan books.

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