Fr. Gabriele Amorth: Rome’s Exorcist

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“Among men, a special role is played by exorcists. They are like the tips of diamonds in this army that counters evil with good. They are priests chosen to drive out the extraordinary presence of Satan and his army.”

—Fr. Gabrielle Amorth

When Fr. Gabriele Amorth passed away on September 16, 2016 at the age of ninety, he had given everything to Christ and His Church. He performed as many as twelve exorcisms in a day. He faithfully served sixty-nine years in the Pauline religious order, sixty-two as a priest, and thirty years as the pope’s exorcist.

In this official biography, Fr. Amorth’s extraordinary life is revealed for the first time in English. In these pages, you will learn about a humble priest who initially refused the appointment of exorcist. You will discover how this spiritual son of Saint Padre Pio trained to be an exorcist and the details of his first exorcism. How he single handedly spearheaded the consecration of Italy to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He later founded what became the International Association of Exorcists (IAE), the only organization of its kind recognized by the Church.

Fr. Amorth once said about exorcisms, “The battle can last for hours. And it almost never ends with deliverance. It takes years to free a possessed person. Many years. Satan is difficult to defeat.”

Although the world knows him only as an exorcist, he was so much more. His profound prayer life, his simplicity, his love for poverty, his sense of humor, his fearlessness, his friendship with many saints, and his esteemed love for Our Lady set him apart. Because of Our Lady’s protection, he once declared, “I always say that it is the devil who is afraid of me.” 

Everyone is called to do battle with devil, but few people are given the power over the demons. And “despite the fatigue, disappointments, and losses, he would never retreat from the enemy.” Here, you will find the remarkable story of the most renowned exorcist of the last century, a warrior for Christ. “Those who knew him, already consider him a saint.” 

Domenico Agasso
Publication Date:
Fr. Chad Ripperger

4 Reviews

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    Loved this book

    Posted by MrsNiz on Sep 16th 2023

    This book was a fascinating read into the life of Fr. Gabriele Amorth. I really enjoyed reading abou…

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  • 5
    Father Gabriele Amorth

    Posted by Kathy LeBlanc on Jul 21st 2023

    Fascinating look into the life of an exorcist without sensationalized or graphic details to shock th…

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    Fr Amorth Bio

    Posted by Darren J Purcell on Jul 17th 2023

    Shows me true devotion to Christ and Mary. Just a great and moving story

  • 5
    Great biography about Father Amorth.

    Posted by Suzanne Middleton on Jul 11th 2023

    When I found out a book about Father Gabrele Amorth was coming out, I rushed to pre-order it. It shi…

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Editorial Reviews

Jesse Romero (author of The Devil in the City of the Angels)

“Father Gabriele Amorth was a giant in the ministry of exorcism. The fact that the Church is churning out well-formed Exorcists from Rome, from Mundelein in Lake County, Illinois, from Denver Colorado and sending them back to their dioceses to do battle is because of Father Amorth. The life of this priest is a life worth reading. So many Catholics fawn over comicbook superheroes. Father Amorth is a Catholic superhero, without the cape, but with a cassock. He draws his power from his holy orders, his mandate from his bishop, and his rosary and the rite of exorcism. The ministry of exorcism was falling away into the ash bin of history, Father Amorth raised it from the dead. Our Lord is the chief Exorcist and I dare say that Father Amorth was one of His ‘mighty men of valor’ (Jgs 6:12).”

Paul Thigpen, PhD (author of Manual for Spiritual Warfare)

“Father Gabriele Amorth was world-renowned as the exorcist of Rome, yet he did not begin that heroic ministry until he was sixty years old. This official biography provides fascinating details about his direct combat with Satan, but more importantly, it reveals the rest of his life story: how he was prepared for such a gritty spiritual battle through his earlier years as a fighter in the Italian Resistance against the Fascists, a determined Catholic political activist, a tireless journalist, and a Paulist missionary priest. The extraordinary story of an extraordinary man.”

Dan Schneider, PhD (author of The Liber Christo Method: A Field Manual for Spiritual Combat)

“This is a must read for all Catholics who want to learn how God called an ordinary priest to do extraordinary things, including going to the front lines to fight against Satan himself. Father Amorth was a fearless priest, devoted son of Our Lady, lawyer, jokester, journalist, Mariologist, and decorated soldier—the perfect man to be in entrusted with the difficult and dangerous task of an exorcist. At the age of sixty, when most men begin to think about retirement, he was called to be the tip of the spear in an army that counters evil with good. He spent his remaining years as chief exorcist of Rome, hunting down the enemy and taking souls back for Christ. This book is part of the patrimony Father Amorth has left to the Church, and the reader will get a clearer sense of the man who was both pioneer and grandfather of modern exorcism.”