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Author G. C. Dilsaver writes that the time has come for Catholic families to rediscover true patriarchy—time for Catholic men to accept and fulfill their role as leader and head of their families. The role of Christian manhood, as ordained by God and confirmed by Catholic teaching, is symbolized by three staffs: the Scepter of authority and self-discipline, the Crosier of spiritual stewardship, and the Cross of redemptive suffering.

Christian husbands and fathers are called by God to a familial headship which is not one of old and obsolete dominance over wife and children, which rose out of pagan notions of male superiority. Dilsaver promotes Christianity's new and untainted patriarchy in which the husband's ultimate authority is rooted in Christ's example of humility and self-sacrificing love.

The Three Marks of Manhood can help Christian families realize their identity to the fullest,  empowering them to resist the encroachment of secular culture.

Read it and learn how to build a strong and lasting marriage, raise children to become faithful men and women of God, and foster an authentic Catholic culture within your home.

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    So good, I'm going to read again!

    Posted by Andrew K. on Apr 2nd 2022

    My dad gave me this book as I was newly married and just starting my family. After a couple years on…

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