The Sexual State & Reclaiming the Republic Set

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Want to Take Back the Culture? Here are your guides! 

Abortion. Divorce. Marriage Redefined. Non-marital Sex. Co-habition. Gender Confusion. Harassment. Abuse. Broken families. Suicide.

The Sexual Revolution—and the breakdown of godly sexuality and family—has brought misery to millions. This misery is affirmed in the #MeToo movement. We also see that the vast majority do not love abortion, or divorce, or the sexual norms du jour.

Thankfully, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, and the Catholic Church, have the answer. In The Sexual State, Dr. Morse posits a solution to all the madness - widespread adherence to the principles of the Catholic Church. This empowers millions to become changemakers through their faithfulness.

After serving his neighbors for thirteen terms in the Virginia House of Delegates, he was defeated in 2017 by the first openly transgendered candidate to be seated in a US statehouse. His opponent received much outside help, both in terms of volunteers and out-of-state money.

Reclaiming the Republic shows Christians and all people of good will that it's not too late to turn back the tide. Consider it a crash course in Civics 101, and learn:

  • What the Founders intended for this country and how it is being highjacked
  • How the levers of civil power work, so anti-Christian and anti-Natural Law policies can be defeated at all levels of government
  • How to defeat the proponents of such anti-God policies before they gain access to those levers
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