The Prosperity Gospel: How Greed and Bad Philosophy Distorted Christ's Teachings

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Which Gospel are you following?

In the United States, the Prosperity Gospel’s tenets, spread widely by many Protestant preachers, have creeped into the Catholic Church. Where did the Prosperity Gospel come from? And how has it embedded itself so deeply in this country?

In this book, Thomas Storck demonstrates the deep roots that the unrestrained desire for gain has in this country. He argues that the exclusion of serious religious discourse from American public life has led to the public square being emptied of all transcendence, reducing every aspect of social life to material gain: politics, the economy, education, science, the arts, and even religion itself.

How many of we Americans’ ordinary activities are undertaken solely for worldly comfort—with no reference to anything beyond this life, or even to our society’s common good? How deeply have we ourselves been affected by the allures of riches and wealth?

Here is a book that will expose one of the heresies that most vilely distorts the teachings of Christ: the Prosperity Gospel. Our treasure can only be found in heaven, not on earth. We must know the culture we live in that affects our daily living so that we can strive to be children of light and protect ourselves against the temptations of our times so that His will can be done on earth, as it is heaven.

Thomas Storck
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    Posted by Deacon Stephen on Jun 7th 2023

    Great book as a great read.

Editorial Reviews

Christopher Shannon (Associate Professor of History, Christendom College, Author of American Pilgrimage: A Historical Journey Through Catholic Life in a New World )

“Historians and sociologists have long grappled with the affinity between the ‘Protestant Ethic’ and the ‘Spirit of Capitalism.’ In this book, Thomas Storck takes the current popularity of the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ among evangelical Protestants as an occasion for a wide-ranging reflection on the Church’s traditional teachings regarding wealth and commerce. Drawing on thinkers ranging from Thomas Aquinas to Christopher Dawson, from G. K. Chesterton to Saint John Paul II, Storck shows how the traditional Catholic condemnation of the pursuit of wealth for its own sake stands at odds with an American Protestant tradition that equates riches with divine favor. More provocatively, Storck challenges Catholics themselves to consider how they have succumbed to the Prosperity Gospel under the guise of support for unrestrained free markets and ‘democratic capitalism.’ A timely book on a topic too often ignored or evaded by otherwise faithful Catholics.”

Joseph Pearce (Author of The Quest for Shakespeare, Tolkien: Man and Myth, The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde, C. S. Lewis and The Catholic Church, and Literary Converts, Editor of St. Austin Review.)

“Few people write more lucidly and eloquently about the economic plight and political blight of our times than Thomas Storck. He explains what’s wrong and illustrates how to put it right. All those who are concerned about the errors and the terrors of the times in which we live will benefit from the wisdom to be found in this priceless book.”

Christopher Zehnder, MA (General Editor and Author, Catholic Textbook Project)

The Prosperity Gospel may seem a bizarre outlier of religion, as repugnant to serious Protestants as to Catholics. Yet, as Thomas Storck shows in this perceptive book, the seeming aberration has its roots in cultural presuppositions that Protestants and today’s Catholics (uprooted from their own cultural soil) have come to share. With literary clarity and sound reasoning, Mr. Storck shows how the Prosperity Gospel is no spontaneous generation but a logical development of a tradition that privatizes God and valorizes Mammon. An understanding of the Prosperity Gospel sheds light on the culture of modernity and, to the degree that we share in that culture, on ourselves.”

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