The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Mystery of Christ's Love

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Few Catholics have anywhere near an adequate appreciation for the glory and splendors of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass—the central aspect of our Holy Faith. Fr. Michael Mueller’s famous masterpiece on this glorious subject will come as a magnificent and direly needed revelation to many Catholic souls. Father Mueller joins a wealth of Catholic traditions, biblical facts, and enthralling true stories from Catholic history and the lives of the saints to show that, in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we possess something of infinite value: the only gift we can offer to Almighty God which is not miserably unworthy of Him and through which we can obtain from Him every possible favor.

The Catholic Church is the only home for our dear Savior. The Catholic Church is the only place on earth that has a true and holy spirit of sacrifice worthy of offering to God. The Catholic Church is the only place where we can receive the full splendors of grace through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Divine Liturgy. Eternity will not be long enough that we overcome the regret of missing a single Mass, for the reader will be given scores of reasons to convince him that every transient sacrifice pales in comparison with the bounty received from participating just once in the Eternal Sacrifice. The reader of The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will soon come to realize that the Mass is an inexhaustible mine of graces, the source of all favors from God, and absolutely the thing of greatest value in the entire universe: for it is the Sacrifice of Our Lord Himself.

Fr. Michael Mueller, CSsR
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