The Fourteen Holy Helpers (eBook)

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In 14th-century Rhineland, part of modern-day Germany, the Black Death had struck hard. Many were dying, and the situation was dire. But the faith of the Rhinelanders was strong, and they knew who turn to: fourteen holy helpers, saints of God with protective patronages against various maladies and hardships, including the plague itself. The fourteen had not been connected to each other in their earthly lives or by any devotion until then, but they had one thing in common: they would help whoever devoutly asked. They are here for us to now, as The Fourteen Holy Helpers, relates. Their names?

  • Agathius (Acacius), St. Blaise, St. Christopher, St. Cyriacus, and St. Denis;
  • Elmo, St. Eustace, St. George, St. Giles, St. Pantaleon (Pantaleimon), and St. Vitus (Guy),
  • And the holy maidens, St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Barbara, and St. Margaret (Marina) of Antioch.

In this short volume, you will find out just who these saints are (most are early martyrs), what their special patronages are, and why they are so close to God. The most wonderful aspect of the devotion to the Fourteen Holy Helpers is that it provides an example for how the oldest saints in the Church are never far from us but are always eager to help all generations of Christians. This book shows the greatest link between the earliest centuries of the Church and our own age: the communion of Saints. Most of all, these Fourteen Holy Helpers will not only aid you against all physical maladies but will also protect you from spiritual harm and will show you how to imitate them in ever deeper devotion to Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ.

All ye holy men and women of God, pray for us!

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