The Devil and Bella Dodd: One Woman's Struggle Against Communism and Her Redemption

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“Step by step, I retreated from God and went forth to meet the world, the flesh, and the devil. . . . I’d join the devil himself. . . . There is no doubt that I traveled with him at my side and that he extorted a great price for his company.”

This is how Bella Dodd (1904–69) described her long battle with atheistic communism, an ideology her Church calls a “satanic scourge.” She later described it as a “school of darkness,” a school of “hate,” a school for which she was a master organizer and infiltrator of every organization—public, private, and even ecclesiastical.

Bella Dodd courageously left the Communist Party and its diabolical machinations. Her former communist affiliates then smeared her with epithets eerily familiar to modern ears, dubbing her everything from a “fascist” to a “racist.” Some things never change.

One thing that changed, however, was Bella Dodd. The man who helped pull her from the pit? A priest. A priest by the name of Fulton Sheen. Bella Dodd’s story thereafter changed dramatically from one of seduction by the devil to redemption through Christ. She dedicated the remainder of her life to a special penance: warning the world of the evil of communism and its plans.

In the battle between the devil and Bella Dodd, Bella and her Church won. At long last, here is her inspiring story.

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Mary Nicholas
Paul Kengor

8 Reviews

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    Posted by Unknown on Jul 20th 2023

    Well researched and written.

  • 5

    Posted by Glenn Lanham on Jul 7th 2023

    Prophetic book

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    The Devil and Bella Dodd

    Posted by Elizabeth Lemoine on Jun 23rd 2023

    Wow! Both my husband and I have learned more than we expected - especially facts about our own child…

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    hidden truths come to light

    Posted by JOSEPH C. on Dec 28th 2022

    what a vindication of sen joe mccarthy;s efforts and evidence of so many americans willful ignorance…

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  • 5
    If you want to truly

    Posted by DONALD S. on Dec 6th 2022

    If you want to truly understand the times we are living in, read this book. When your finished, read…

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  • 5
    The devil and Bella Dodd

    Posted by ELMER G. on Nov 29th 2022

    How great thou art. Paul Kengor and Mary Nicholas have produced truth in words. What more can I ask?…

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  • 5
    Great Book!

    Posted by Philip K. on Nov 24th 2022

    It makes perfect sense why communists would have wanted to and did infiltrate into Catholic Church h…

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    A Biorgraphy Long Overdue

    Posted by John B. on Nov 16th 2022

    Professor Kengor;s book is a sobering complement to Bella Dodd;s autobiography, "School of Dark…

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Editorial Reviews

John Gizzi (White House Correspondent, Newsmax)

“From Communism to Catholicism—and even politics—Bella Dodd lived an incredible life, and one lived against the odds. Mary Nicholas and Paul Kengor bring to life her walk from the dark side to the sunny path of faith in a Cold War saga of redemption that remains timely and provocative today.”

Carrie Gress (Author of The Anti-Mary Exposed)

“I couldn’t put this book down. It seems timelier than ever as socialism continues to spread in our country and throughout our institutions. But more than anything, it is a beautiful testament to the peace and love offered not by ideologies but by Christ and his Church.”

Sebastian Gorka, PhD (Newsmax Host and former Deputy Assistant and Strategist to the President)

“Bella Dodd is a seminal figure of the Cold War, a brave American woman who fearlessly battled against atheistic communism. She should not be forgotten. Finally, thanks to this work, she won’t be.”

Noelle Mering (Author of Awake, Not Woke)

“Through the fascinating life of Bella Dodd, Kengor and Nicholas offer readers a uniquely intimate window into the lure and trap of a demonic ideology. It is a gripping read. Far more than just historically valuable, this book is essential reading today, unmasking much of what led us here, and pointing to the real and robust hope that should animate us still.”

Jennifer Roback Morse (Founder and President, The Ruth Institute)

“Paul Kengor and his newly discovered co-author, Dr. Mary Nicholas, have produced a tour-de-force analysis of the enigmatic former communist Bella Dodd. A thorough study of her writings and testimonies, along with in-depth interviews with people who knew Dodd, The Devil and Bella Dodd provides careful answers to important questions. Did Bella Dodd really place over 1,000 communist spies in Catholic seminaries? You’ll have to read this fine book to find out!”

Julia Meloni (Author of The St. Gallen Mafia)

“If you’ve surveyed the wreckage from Marx’s hellish ideas in The Devil and Karl Marx, you won’t want to miss the storyline of escape and redemption in The Devil and Bella Dodd. Written by Mary Nicholas and Paul Kengor, this new biography of Dodd is formidable. In a world with much misinformation about Dodd, Nicholas and Kengor have rigorously researched their subject, allowing them to speak persuasively on questions as thorny as the possible communist infiltration of the Catholic priesthood. Masterfully analyzed, The Devil and Bella Dodd is a powerful book about what happens when pernicious ideas grip a soul—and what happens when grace snatches her back.”

Michael Knowles (The Daily Wire)

“There is nothing hidden that will not come to light. But hidden things may fester a long while, as Bella Dodd proved after her reversion to the Catholic Church by revealing the extent of the communist conspiracy in America that she had helped to spread. Mary Nicholas and the prolific Paul Kengor have performed a great service by shining a new and delightful light on this remarkable woman.”