The Book of Romans

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Commentary by Scott Hahn and Mark Shea

Videos presented by Fr. Patrick Winslow

25 Lessons

Leader Pack contains: 1 Study Guide (answers in back) and Group Streaming.

The Book of Romans is dense and potentially imposing, but with years of experience under his belt, St. Paul wrote it for two simple reasons: encouragement and guidance. This epistle is so packed with theological wisdom that it influenced Christian theology more than anything else Paul ever wrote.

In a fascinating 400+ verse exegesis, Scott Hahn, Mark Shea, and Fr. Patrick Winslow spare no expense in breaking down the rich ideas for you. In 25 detailed lessons, you will learn:

  • The difference between “hearers of the law” and “doers of the law”
  • What it means to be “under the power of sin,” and how to move past it
  • How Christ fulfilled the law and the prophets by his blood

Don’t let its length fool you—this is one of the most powerful explorations of grace and the Christian life ever written, and anyone can share in its riches with a good guide.

Let Scott Hahn, Mark Shea, and Fr. Winslow be that guide for you as you peer into the depths of Paul’s heart, which beat so much for Christ that he inspired a whole Church!

Author: Scott Hahn and Mark Shea
Lecturer: Fr. Patrick Winslow
Lessons: 25 Lessons
Length: 30 minutes (avg)
Publication Date: 2009
1 Parish Streaming License (with no expiration)

Sample Video:


Product Format:
Pdf: of John - Chpt 1.pdf

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