Saint Benedict (Windeatt Student Workbook)


If your child or student loved the Windeatt saint stories, is looking to read them for the first time, or is wanting to read and draw even more from the stories, this Student Workbook is the perfect resource for you!

Meant to be used as a companion to the Teacher’s Manual and the St. Benedict: The Story of the Father of the Western Monks Windeatt book, this Student Workbook will be an engaging tool to help your student learn the story of St. Benedict. With lessons and worksheets tailored to children in 2nd through 5th grade, this book will help your student understand the most important virtues and lessons from St. Benedict’s life.

TAN Books now offers these companion workbooks so that you can use the beloved Windeatt saint stories to help test your students on their reading comprehension, instruct them on matters of the Catholic faith, and bring them closer to the saints. 

The Student Workbook contains answer keys and resources like:

  • Key Terms pages
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Comprehension questions
  • Activity pages
  • And much more!

With these resources, your student will become familiar with St. Benedict, one of the Church’s most beloved saints and the founder of Western Monasticism. His life was filled with heroism and holiness, as well as danger and excitement! No Catholic education would be complete without knowing the life and works of St. Benedict, one of the greatest Fathers of the Church. 

The author of St. Benedict: The Story of the Father of the Western Monks, Mary Fabyan Windeatt, was known as “the storyteller of the saints.” In the 1950s and 60s she wrote over 20 historical fiction novels on the saints, bringing to life these holy men and women for young readers across the world. Sold individually or in a set of 20, these timeless classics have educated young men and women in virtue since their publication in the 1950s. Each story tells the life of an important saint in an engaging way, detailing their virtues, struggles, and countless adventures.

With the Student Workbook, your student will see the stories of the saints brought to life—while simultaneously growing their reading and comprehension skills! You and your students will love this expansion of the well-loved and classic Windeatt saint stories.

Mary Fabyan Windeatt
Donald Walpole, O.S.P.
TAN Books
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Second Grade
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