Saint Joseph: The Man Closest to Christ

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What is the greatest title of Saint Joseph?

While the Litany of St. Joseph is filled with many rich titles describing Joseph’s virtues and duties—such as most just, most chaste, patron of the dying, terror of demons, and protector of the Holy Church—there is one title that stands out which is quietly absent from his litany: the man closest to Christ.

Of all the men God has created, no one has been as close to Christ as St. Joseph. He was the first man to hold God in his arms. He was the only man recorded to save Christ’s life. He was, ultimately, the man chosen from all time to be God’s earthly father.

Just as his Son was prefigured in the Scriptures, St. Joseph was also long foreshadowed in the Old Testament. Looking at these biblical types opens our eyes to the reality that St. Joseph has many other titles, such as the provider of the Eucharist and the souls in Purgatory.

Even though the year of St. Joseph has passed, the insights concerning our spiritual father continue to unfold. As the greatest of all the saints after Our Lady, St. Joseph holds the key to opening the treasuries of Our Lord’s Sacred and Eucharistic Heart. To imitate Christ is the goal of our spiritual lives. And what better way to imitate Christ than to learn from St. Joseph, the man who spent the most time with Him, the man closest to Christ!


Fr. Sebastian Walshe, OPraem
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    Great Book

    Posted by MARY C. on Apr 17th 2023

    Enjoyed reading this book. Learned so many new things about St Joseph.

Editorial Reviews

Athanasius Schneider

Athanasius Schneider (Auxiliary Bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan)

“The book of Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O Praem, on St. Joseph offers us a timely and precious spiritual help to better know, love, and imitate the one whom the Incarnate Son of God addressed by the sweet name “father.” The present book is a valuable compendium on the figure and mission of St. Joseph. May it contribute to a greater veneration of the Patron of the Universal Church so that he might powerfully protect and lead the Church of our day in midst of her trials and sufferings to an authentic spiritual renewal.”

Michael Augros

Michael Augros (Author of Who Designed the Designer? and The Immortal in You)

“Though the Bible appears to say little about St. Joseph, and records no word he spoke, the Church honors this saint above all others save his spouse, the Blessed Virgin, recognizing him to be the man closest to Christ. In this volume, readers can discover the edifying truths of the hidden life and intercessional power of this saint through Fr. Sebastian’s wise, careful, and faithful use of Sacred Scripture and Tradition. Any soul devoted to St. Joseph will cherish this beautiful and illuminating book.”

Fr.Thomas Nelso

Fr. Thomas Nelson (National Director of the Institute for Religious Life)

“Fr. Sebastian’s book looks at the life of St. Joseph as presented in Scripture. He considers both the literal and the allegorical senses of Scripture from which he draws out theological conclusions that nourish the spiritual life. One need not be a theologian to understand and benefit from this book. The laity will greatly appreciate this book, for it is certainly within their grasp and it will elevate them to better know and love Christ’s human father, who they will come to know as their spiritual father.”

Bishop Paprocki

Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki (Bishop of Springfield)

“No words of St. Joseph are recorded in Scripture. The faithful, just, and generous foster-father of Our Lord directs our full attention and devotion to the Word Incarnate. Yet, if we read the Bible in all of its depth with the eyes of the Church, we can come to an intimate knowledge of St. Joseph’s heart. In his new book, Saint Joseph: The Man Closest to Christ, Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem., introduces us anew to the carpenter of Nazareth, allowing him to become for us, and for the whole Church, a provider, defender, and father, just as he is for Jesus.”