My See and Pray Missal (eBook)

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It can often be difficult for our children to understand what is happening in the Mass. 

With My See and Pray Missal, you will have the perfect tool to help your kids participate and learn from the greatest work of the Church, the Mass, through a book that is designed to teach children in the way they best learn: by their senses.

Written in 1961 by Sr. Mary Joan Therese for young souls, this booklet is a concise and engaging approach to the traditional Latin Mass. Inside the pages, the most important parts of the Mass are highlighted and age-appropriate ways to pray the Mass are given to your child throughout.

The goal of the book is for your child to SEE the actions that take place during the Mass, and to begin to understand and PRAY what he or she sees. 

It contains attractive but simple illustrations, as well as many other resources:

  • A prayer before Mass to the Blessed Mother
  • Descriptions of different objects used during the Mass
  • Information about the Eucharistic miracle and the Real Prescence 
  • Sections for writing intentions, favorite prayers, and journaling 

The combination of clearly laid-out Catholic doctrine and age-appropriate lessons and prayers will make this booklet a favorite of your child and you! With this booklet stowed in your purse, pocket, or little one’s hand, your child will be entertained while also learning important habits of prayer. 

My See and Pray Missal helps fulfill Our Lord’s words: “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matt 19:14). With this book, a child will easily be able to follow the Mass with both mind and heart. At an age when distraction is so common, children will be provided with a book that helps them open the door wide for Our Lord and His grace.

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