Crown of the Virgin: An Ancient Meditation on Mary's Beauty, Virtue, and Sanctity

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In this book, St. Ildephonsus of Toledo provides a powerful, imaginative and lyrical set of meditations on the Immaculate Mother of God, reflecting on her splendor, beauty and sanctity. 

This publication is the first translation into English of a Latin work, entitled Libellus de Corona Virginis, or “The Little Book on the Crown of the Virgin.” Traditionally, it has been ascribed to St. Ildephonsus of Toledo, a great monk, abbot and bishop of the 7th century. St. Ildephonsus contributed powerfully to the dissemination of the doctrine of the Perpetual Virginity of Our Lady in Western Europe, and to the popularization of fervent Marian devotion in Spain. In this beautiful, moving and ornate literary portrait, the author imaginatively and lyrically fashions a magnificent crown for the Blessed Virgin Mary, decorated with twelve radiant jewels, six brilliant stars and six fragrant flower blossoms. Each of these is interpreted as representing a particular aspect of the beauty, beneficence, virtue or sanctity of the Blessed Virgin. 

A perfect companion for guiding daily devotion to the Mother of Mercy and the Queen of Heaven, each chapter reveals a new and scintillating glimpse into the glories of Mary, sure to inspire the heart of the reader with ever more ardent devotion to the Mother of God, the vessel of all graces and the paradigm and perfection of every virtue. As a guide to meditation and a catalyst for prayer, the Crown of the Virgin is an illuminating mirror of the beauty and splendor of the one who is herself the refulgent and immaculate image of her Divine Son.


St. Ildephonsus of Toledo
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January 5th, 2021
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Fr. Robert Nixon, OSB

6 Reviews

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    beautiful book

    Posted by Lisa Stiller on Oct 13th 2023

    very easy to read, enlightening and good book to share with others or gift

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    This book is beautifully printed and bound. The translator's note is a model of clarity. The translation is a work of art and true faith.

    Posted by Louise on Sep 14th 2023

    This book is a treasure. The text reads like poetry. The imagery transports my mind and soul to a ti…

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  • 5
    Crown of the Virgin

    Posted by Tom on Aug 25th 2023

    Wonderful book!

  • 5
    Get it, dwell on it and circulate it!

    Posted by Frederick D. on May 24th 2023

    This is a beautifully written series of meditations on the exceeding excellences of the Blessed Virg…

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  • 5
    One of the most pleasant

    Posted by ANTHONY D. on Oct 12th 2022

    One of the most pleasant and beautiful books on the Blessed Mother that I have ever read. It is a mu…

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  • 5
    A Beautiful Meditation on Our Lady

    Posted by Lee A. on Sep 11th 2022

    This is a very moving and poetical collection of meditations on Our Lady;s perfections, none of them…

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