All for Jesus (eBook)

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Fr. Frederick William Faber was one of the greatest Catholic writers in the English language of the 19th century. Initially an Anglican priest, he found his way into the Catholic Church through the preaching of St. John Henry Newman and the Oxford Movement, eventually being ordained as an Oratorian priest. His works are numerous, and each satisfies a different part of the soul's need for knowledge and strengthening in the Catholic religion.

In All for Jesus, Fr. Faber provides one of his most tender and encouraging spiritual treatises, because the subject of his discourse is Divine Love. He urges us to save our souls by "serving Jesus out of love," for "everything comes easy to love." In addition to powerful motives for the love of God (something we have been preached since youth and can take for granted without stopping to contemplate), Fr. Faber shows how Christian perfection is not nearly so difficult as it seems, because true love will transform all of our actions. For the yoke of the Lord is easy, and His burden is light.

In short, Fr. Faber shows that, if we love God, it will be with us as it was with Jacob working to earn the hand of Rachel: "Years would seem but days; for the greatness of our love." This is Fr. Faber at his finest. Let his rare wisdom, characteristic of a more ancient Christian sage, guide you through the "easy ways of Divine Love."

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