A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture (eBook)

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There is a myth that Catholicism has historically discouraged the laity from being familiar with the Scriptures. Critics of the Church levy such accusations in order to say that the Church discredits or does not consider relevant the Scriptures or that she prefers to keep the common Christian in the dark—but nothing could be further from the truth. The Church is entirely responsible for the collection and promulgation of Holy Scripture, and the fact that she has always exclaimed it loudly and clearly in her liturgies, even censing it, shows that Scripture is of utmost value to the Church and to the Catholic lay faithful.

Originally published in 1923, A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture contains a veritable goldmine of traditional Catholic teaching on the Sacred Scriptures of the Church. This nearly 900-page work contains a wealth of information about the Bible and Scriptural interpretation from a Catholic perspective, all accessible to the layman in a practical and useful manner. It is the perfect solution for a regular Catholic who desires to understand the Scriptures from a Catholic perspective, rather than a Protestant one.

Written by Bishop Frederick Justus Knecht in Germany, A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture became an instant classic, with at least 14 bishops' commendations upon its release. It has since gone through over 16 editions. Originally intended for Bible history catechists, this handy reference work is indispensable for all Catholics who wish to take the Bible seriously and heed Holy Mother Church's advice to be familiar in and out with the Sacred Scriptures.

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