The Story of a Soul (eBook)

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“If the little flower could talk, it seems to me it would say what God has done for it quite simply and without concealment . . . This flower, in telling her story, is happy to make known all the gifts Jesus has given her.” 

—St. Therese of Lisieux

The beautiful style of St. Therese’s writing will capture your heart, but it will be the power and efficacy of her lessons that will keep you returning day after day. 

Only written under holy obedience by the command of her superior, St. Therese’s autobiography conveys the secrets of her great holiness, which she achieved through her simple and ordinary life. It teaches her “Little Way of Spiritual Childhood,” which she called her “elevator to Heaven.” An important lesson for all Catholics, her “little way of love and confidence” is drawn directly from Scripture and has been approved by Pope Pius XI as a way to holiness for all. 

Although she died at the age of 24, St. Therese was and is known for her great wisdom, and this magnum opus demonstrates the young Carmelite’s holiness and dependance on God. 

St. Therese’s autobiography has become a classic of Catholic literature, and it has been translated into numerous languages. The Story of a Soul continues to grow in popularity and millions of copies are distributed worldwide. 

No Catholic should be ignorant of the spiritual power of “little way” of St. Therese. This beautiful edition, which is printed in the beautiful style of all the TAN Books Catholic Classics Series, belongs on the shelf of every Catholic.

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