The Holy Name and The Latin Mass Explained Set

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The devout repetition of the name of Jesus is the shortest, easiest, and most powerful of prayers. It’s simple to say while at work or at rest, and it is a prayer of pure love, because it is love itself.

In Wonders of the Holy Name, Fr. Paul O’Sullivan extolls devotion to the Holy Name, calling it a mine of riches, the fount of highest holiness, and even the secret of greatest happiness on earth. He asserts that “the frequent repetition of this divine name will save you from much suffering and great dangers.”

History has proved him right. Devotion to the Holy Name has delivered the Church from her enemies and even averts illness and plagues. Many of these stories are recounted within Fr. O’Sullivan’s booklet.

Fr. O’Sullivan assures us that repeating the Holy Name frequently even enables us to share in the graces of Masses being celebrated around the world.

The Mass itself is a tremendous mystery. Along with the recitation of the Holy Name, the Latin Mass is a sacred yet largely forgotten treasure of the Church.

Everything—from the silent Secret Prayers to the clear ring of the bells—holds a distinct meaning and deep value that is in danger of being discarded in many places.

The Latin Mass Explained reveals the sacrificial rituals and worship of the Latin Mass. This must-have companion is not a missal, but an introductory book that uncovers the richness of the Eucharistic Sacrifice step by step.

This essential guide demystifies the unique language, rubrics, and garments used in the Mass and offers insights into the meaning of the various prayers repeated and ceremonies performed.

The Latin Mass Explained will open your eyes to the unbloody Sacrifice which unfolds at each and every Mass. With this practical book to aid you, you will come to a deeper appreciation of the beauty and sacred purpose of the Traditional Latin Mass.

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Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, EDM OP, STL
Msgr. George J. Moorman

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    The Wonders of the Holy Name

    Posted by Rita Samaniego Steward on Dec 8th 2023

    I love this book. I want to send a copy to my son. How can I send him one.