Understanding the Mystery of the Mass


Commentary by Fr. Matthew Buettner

6 Lessons

Fr. Matthew Buettner's first book, Understanding the Mystery of the Mass, was published in 2005. In the book, Father opens one's eyes to the beauty and sacredness of the Mass by guiding the reader through the parts and elements of the liturgy, revealing the true mystery of Holy Mass.

In his new book, Understanding the Mystery of the Mass, Revisited, Father has added more insights and has also included the new revisions to the liturgy that more precisely reflect the translation of the Mass text.

It is designed for individuals or groups desiring to better understand and enter into the mystery of Holy Mass. The questions are written in a manner to best help the student focus on the most important elements of each lesson. In addition to the questions, the six-lesson study guide includes Catechism & Scriptural references, insightful Papal teachings, and relevant Saint quotes. This is the perfect tool for those interested in better understanding and participating in the new translation of the Mass.

The Coil-Bound Study Guide contains the written commentary for 6 lessons that includes questions for each lesson. Suggested Responses are included in the back of each book.

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