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  • Prayer Is Necessary for Salvation
    Prayer is not only useful to us, but necessary for salvation. Hence it is that God, because He desires that we should all be saved, has enjoined it on us by a precept. “Ask, and it shall be given you.” (Matthew 7:7). Jesus Christ says, that men “ought always to pray.” (Luke 18:1). He does not say it is useful or benefitting, but that men “ought always to pray.” Wherefore, the Doctors of the Church justly say that a man cannot be excused from grievous [i.e., mortal] sin who neglects to recommend himself to God at least once in a month and whenever he finds himself assaulted by any strong temptation.
  • The Depth of Mary’s Love for Man
    Known as the greatest compendium of eighteen centuries of Marian teaching, The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori is a profound work that has guided souls under the mantle of the Blessed Mother. This excerpt emphasizes the unfathomable love of Mary for us, her spiritual children, and consoles the reader with renewed trust and…
  • Rita Of Cascia: Saint Of The Impossible
    Among the many and the great saints to whom God has given the power of miracles, there is none more favored with this heavenly gift than the humble Augustinian nun, Sister St. Rita of Cascia. In fact, so marvelous have been the miracles wrought through her powerful intercession that she has merited the singular and glorious title: “Saint of the Impossible.”
  • Friendship In Heaven
    What will our relationship with other souls be like in heaven? Reflect with Saint Anselm of Canterbury as he meditates upon the wonderful friendship among the souls in heaven and the concord, power, and perfect joy that we will experience together in paradise.
  • The Saints’ Guide To Patience
    From St. Albert the Great, a Doctor of the Church, this guide from The Paradise of the Soul defines and directs the faithful on the virtue of patience. In our overstimulated, fast-paced culture, patience is a rarity. More than this, it is misunderstood. It isn’t just the ability to wait, but the virtue to endure unjust suffering and to love our enemies. 
  • Meditations on Mary
    “Most Favored Daughter” and “The Sinless Mother” are two meditations on Mary by Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman. Here he reflects on the abundant favor Mary received from God.
  • The Glories And Graces Of The Rosary
    One of the greatest Marian writers in history, Saint Louis de Montfort is a name that every Catholic should recognize and keep on their bookshelves. In this excerpt from The Secret of the Rosary, Louis de Montfort illuminates the unfathomable graces available to us through the rosary and offers priceless instruction on perfecting our devotion during prayer. 
  • A Will Perfectly Resigned
    Saint Francis de Sales was a saint renowned for his spiritual wisdom and guidance. Here, in one of his most well known works, Consoling Thoughts on God and Providence, he uses an analogy of a person aboard a ship without knowing its destination to explain how a soul should be perfectly resigned to the will of God.
  • The Saints’ Guide To Chastity
    From St. Albert the Great, one of the greatest Doctors of the Church, this guide from The Paradise of the Soul defines and directs the faithful on the virtue of chastity. His instruction is straightforward, loving, and ever-relevant in our modern age, when more souls than ever are being tempted to mortal sexual sin. As…
  • Our Lady Of Fatima
    Throughout the ages, Mary has appeared many times to devout souls delivering messages that concerned the salvation of her children. Arguably no other Marian apparition was more dramatic and left more of an impact on the Church and the world than the story of Our Lady of Fatima. Here are five warnings from Our Lady of Fatima taken from Compendium of Marian Devotions.
  • Mary As A Model For Motherhood
    Mary is the perfect example of motherhood fulfilled. Her life embodies the feminine gifts of receptivity, sensitivity, and compassionate love. This excerpt, taken from Manual for Women, reflects on Mary’s unique role as the Mother of Jesus. 
  • Dark Night Of The Soul
    Dark Night of the Soul, though austere and exacting in its instructions for holy living, is laced with St. John of the Cross's charity and love for souls. This timeless poem describes the arid desert of purification and self-denial that each soul must endure to reach unity with God, offering consolation and strength to each of us on our journey through the dark night. 
  • The Ascension of Jesus: Favors Granted to Mary
    When Our Lord ascended into the glory of His Heavenly kingdom, He granted singular favors to the Holy Virgin Mary. They are recounted here in an excerpt taken from The Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin, a compilation of the mystical visions of Venerable Mary of Agreda.
  • The Titles Of Mary
    St. John Henry Newman is most well-known for his conversion from Anglicanism to the Catholic Church. Surprisingly, Newman held a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother even as a Protestant, and it was ultimately this Marian love that drew him home to the Church. This article compiles Newman’s tender writing and preaching on the titles of Mary. 
  • The Ten Virtues Of Mary
    The Virgin Mary is a shining example of virtue for us on earth. The following are the ten virtues she perfectly practiced throughout her earthly life. As her children, we should earnestly ask her to assist us in the cultivation of virtue in our own lives.
  • May Crowning
    Published by TAN for the first time in English, Crown of the Virgin is a gorgeous reflection on the splendor, sanctity, and beauty of the Virgin Mary. St. Ildephonsus of Toledo lovingly weaves prayer, poetry, and imagery as he fashions a crown for the Blessed Mother, decorated with jewels, stars, and flowers, each reflecting a facet of her immaculacy. 
  • The Soul of the Soul
    This understanding of Sanctifying Grace as the supernatural soul of the soul provides insight into the role played by Sanctifying Grace in one’s own spiritual life and this knowledge should stir up in the possessor a greater love and appreciation for this great gift from God and for the Giver Himself.
  • Who Is Mary?
    No woman is more venerated throughout the world than the Blessed Virgin Mary. For over two thousand years, the Catholic Church has spread devotion to the Mother of God. This excerpt, taken from Compendium of Marian Devotion explains who Mary is and the importance she should have in our own lives.
  • The Radiant Lily Flower
    Taken from Crown of the Virgin: An Ancient Meditation on Mary’s Beauty, Virtue, and Sanctity, here, Saint  Ildephonsus of Toledo reflects on Mary as a radiant lily flower—a symbol of her most perfect purity. You, O blessed Mary, are:the treasury and Edenic garden of blessing,the column and foundation of true faith,the splendor and brilliance of…
  • The Pope of the Suffering
    Pope Saint Pius X was a pope known for his deep compassion. Those who encountered him would say he had the “greatest heart of any man alive.” In this excerpt from his biography of the compassionate pope, F.A. Forbes gives some examples of the pope’s sympathy for all including the healing of a young girl…