King of the Shattered Glass

Susan Joy Bellavance

King of the Shattered Glass is a richly illustrated parable of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This medieval tale of a scullery maid and the pesky glassblower's son reveals the deep need of our hearts to express contrition for our sins to experience God’s healing love and forgiveness. What can the King of Mercy do with our own shattered glass? Read Aloud children 6-8.

This beautifully illustrated story tells a tale of an orphan, Marguerite, who works in the King's kitchen. When Marguerite breaks the King's precious glass, those around her tell her to bury the glass and hide the evidence, but her conscience tells her otherwise. What is she to do?

Susan Joy Bellavance's tale of courage, honesty, and bravery through the character of Marguerite gives readers deep insight into mercy and how God shows us his love through the Sacrament of Confession.


"Never in my thirty-plus years of teaching religion to grades 1-10, have I ever come across such a compelling story as Susan Bellavance's "King of the Shattered Glass". Would that I could have had it as a resource in my sacramental preparations to the Sacrament of Reconciliation! ANYONE, particularly, parents, faith-formation teachers, and helpers would necessarily be inspired and find a precious tool in understanding and imparting not only knowledge of Penance, but most importantly the "heart" of the matter: the Father's tenderness and forgiveness. A jewel hidden in this story is its rootedness to today's devotion to Divine Mercy.

Kudos, Susan, for your priceless contribution to our impoverished modern-day catechesis of Penance."

-- Sr. Jeanne Roberge, p.m.

Marie Joseph Retreat Center

Biddeford Pool, ME




I am writing to inform you that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed the book, King of the Shattered Glass by Susan Joy Bellavance. I endorse this book for use in Catholic schools and sacramental prep programs. It beautifully teaches how God, through His abundant mercy and loving tenderness, creates something beautiful from our brokenness. This book would be a wonderful resource for parents and teachers in preparing children for the Sacrament of Reconciliation."

-- David A. Thibault


Catholic Schools Office

Diocese of Manchester



"Blessings and joy to you!
In the wee, quiet still ours of the morning I read the King of the Shattered Glass! What a gift! It is truly beautiful. Each step along the way with Marguerite was so tender and special but I didn't quite expect that all the broken glass would be fashioned into a stained glass window....but of course, that is how it is. Good out all the brokenness and sin in the mystery of God's love.!  Yes of course!  I love it."

--Barbara Bonella
Catechism of the Good Shepherd Catechist
CGS Formation Leader

Susan Joy Bellavance
TAN Books
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First Grade