Late Elementary (3rd-5th)

"What should be made plain however, is that in practice you can hardly separate religion from what are popularly called "secular subjects," like history or geography.  Every subject in the curriculum has deep religious roots, religious implications and applications."
-Father John Hardon
Third Grade Curriculum
Fourth Grade Curriculum
Fifth Grade Curriculum
Our Approach to Late Elementary Education:
At this stage, the student’s observation and memory skills are sharp and eager. Increased stamina for longer periods of study and more developed fine motor skills allow them to learn more and share the fruits of their learning in more ways.

Curriculum at this stage should focus on nourishing the mind with an abundance of literature, poetry, stories of heroes and villains, and scientific and mathematical investigations, all infused with wonder at the Divine Mercy that created the world and the heavens.

Homeschooling offers children at this stage a particular advantage, in that they retain time for creative play and pursuing their natural interests while also developing good habits in memorization, writing, math, and general study skills as a foundation for middle school.