High School (9th-12th)

"Home schooling, in our country, is that form of teaching and training of children at home in order to preserve the Catholic faith in the family, and to preserve the Catholic faith in our country."
-Father John Hardon
Ninth Grade Curriculum
Tenth Grade Curriculum
Eleventh Grade Curriculum
Twelfth Grade
Our Approach to High School Education:
In high school, students continue to formulate rigorous arguments by exercising their speaking and writing skills.

They express themselves in all subjects by leading and participating in discussions, writing elegant essays, and finding creative solutions to challenging problems. They learn that knowledge for its own sake is lacking, it must be aimed at the pursuit of truth and the leading of others towards this truth.  Parents who affirm and encourage students in these skills will equip them to excel in adulthood as they face life decisions beyond high school in their God-given vocation.

Our curriculum for high schoolers aims at providing a rigorous education that lends itself to motivating the student in both intellectual and spiritual pursuits.