About TAN Academy

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it."
–Proverbs 22:6

TAN Academy is a comprehensive K-12 homeschool which seeks to educate their students and families to desire the highest things—the  good, the true, and the beautiful.  TAN Academy’s guiding precepts are the education of children and the formation of families, which is achieved by the characteristics of our curriculum, which is trustworthy, simple to use, and is given at an affordable price.



The two main precepts of TAN Academy are to assist in the education of children and to help form families.  Here is how we intend to live up to those precepts:

Educating Children

Understanding that the parent is the primary educator, TAN Academy’s curricula provides recommendations that are flexible to be adapted to your children’s needs. We promote a classical approach to education, but flexibility is vital for each family’s needs. We understand that the beauty of homeschooling arises from adapting the education to each individual child, not forcing every child to conform to a predetermined educational method.

To help achieve this, TAN Academy provides Academic Coaches to help parents strategize the recommended curricula to best fit your child’s needs based upon their God-given talents for academic work.

Forming Families

TAN Academy exists for the purpose of forming families—everything else is subservient to this goal of fostering sanctity in the family. The family is the foundation of society. As such, it is imperative to have resources available to assist the family in its pursuit of further knowing, loving, and serving God. If the family is properly focused on these things, it can best fulfill its divine responsibility to serve as God’s instrument for bringing grace into this world: better families bring about a better society.


At TAN Academy, we believe that giving aid to families is not limited to a K-12 education, but also should extend to the home.


The three characteristics of TAN Academy are to provide trustworthy curriculum, that is simple to use, at an affordable price. Below is how we live up to those characteristics:


TAN Academy is built and run by the same people who publish TAN Books and has modeled itself upon the same core values of faithful adherence to the tradition and teachings of the Magisterium.


Our educational goal is to grow the whole person into a well-formed Catholic who will evangelize others simply by living an authentically Catholic life which was greatly assisted by his educational upbringing.


Our curricula are fitted to the child—not the child to the curricula. 

Recommendations are provided but are not absolute. You may follow the curricula strictly, or make substitutions to it, both resulting in a complete and entire education. While working in tandem with your Academic Coach, your child’s homeschooling experience will be customized and optimized to help you best educate your child. 


Since TAN Books is the publisher of many of the books used in our curriculum, we can cut out the middle man and pass those savings to the families.


The homeschooling books which TAN publishes are available new at a 40% discount for your enrolled student per their grade level.  Also, all other TAN products are reduced by 20% so as to make instruments for sanctity more easily available. 

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