About TAN Academy

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it."
–Proverbs 22:6
TAN Academy exists for the purpose of forming families.  Each and every part of the curriculum is guided and enlightened by Holy Mother Church.  TAN academy seeks to point it’s students to truth, goodness and beauty through education. 

The family is under attack. Raising and educating children is harder than ever before. Homeschooling is one means among many that helps preserve the eternal destination of your children. TAN Academy desires to support families in the noble task of educating their children at home, seeking scholarship of course, but even more importantly sanctity.   

You, dear parent, are fighting against all odds every day to raise your children in the faith, to pay for and provide a quality education, and to foster a joyful family life amidst the chaos and wickedness of the modern world. We at TAN Academy are here to help.

With a carefully selected and comprehensive curriculum, TAN Academy presents an essential blend of classical and traditional courses created or vetted in fidelity to the truths of our Catholic faith. We believe our unique curriculum best serves all students, with the assistance of their parents, to pursue their God-given vocation.

TAN Academy, covering K-12, encourages students and their families to desire the highest things—the  good, the true, and the beautiful. We seek to do this by accompanying you on your child’s educational journey through the various stages of learning.  In the grammar stage of learning (K - 6th) students are amazing memorization machines.  Anything presented with songs, rhymes, chants, and repetition will stay with them for a lifetime.  In the logic or dialectic stage (7th - 9th) teenagers enter a period of questioning.  It’s no longer enough to know the facts, but they now need to explore the “why” behind them.  The art of argument is in full swing, but it must be tempered with education and wisdom.  In the rhetoric stage (10th-12th) students become more independent.  They now have the ability to think for themselves, to glean insight from authors, teachers, parents, and friends and to apply those insights to their pursuits.  This is also the stage at which the student learns to effectively communicate their ideas.  

Whether used in a schoolhouse model or individual instruction, our program provides flexibility and support at an affordable price for families of all sizes. Steeped in the rich tradition of Holy Mother Church, TAN Academy strives to support a family culture of joy and lifelong learning.

In addition to curriculum, TAN Academy offers numerous tools and workshops to help your family grow in sanctity according to the traditions of the Holy Catholic Church. We will provide resources on everything from practical tips on “running” a frantic household full of children to growing in the devotional life. We will help women become better wives and mothers and men become better husbands and fathers. 

We understand that homeschooling is not about getting your children to Harvard, but getting them to heaven. The parent is the primary educator of the child, not a schoolmaster, not even a priest. We at TAN Academy commit ourselves to helping you, dear parents, to advance in holiness so that you can better lead your children to their eternal destination: the Beatific Vision of the Blessed Trinity, along with the Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints. 

May your Ecclesia Domestica be enriched this school year.
St. Scholastica, ora pro nobis!