Our Holy Faith Vol. 5: Light of the World Videos

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Give your child a solid foundation in the faith with the acclaimed Our Holy Faith series of religion textbooks for grades 1–8. Our Holy Faith has long been a great orthodox resource for families looking to impart the truths of the Catholic faith to their children. Now, these beautifully re-typeset TAN Books editions have been revised to include modernized language and updates to the practices of the Catholic Church and enhanced with additional content, including further explanations of core concepts and relevant quotes from the Bible, the saints, and the Catechism. 

But catechesis is only half the battle; we also want our children to be holy. The Our Holy Faith series aims to engage your children spiritually as well as intellectually with various activities provided in the “For Me to Do” sections of each lesson. These new TAN editions also include traditional prayers from the saints and other faithful sources that are pertinent to the topic under discussion for your children to exercise their faith.

Book 5: Light of the World covers the material found in the second half of Baltimore Catechism One. It serves as an introduction to the tenets of the Apostles’ Creed, the Ten Commandments, the laws of the Church, the seven sacraments, sacramentals, and prayer.

Includes tests, answer key and a Pastoral video series with a review video for each unit.

Fifth Grade