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“For you have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

—Saint Augustine of Hippo

Of all the autobiographies ever written by mere mortals, Confessions by Saint Augustine of Hippo is the greatest. In this masterpiece, you will find a doctor of the Church longing for the true Doctor of the soul, Christ. Taking us from Augustine’s roots in Africa to his encounters with his spiritual father Saint Ambrose in Milan, from his battle against his concupiscence to his famed conversion, Confessions is itself a veritable pilgrimage to the threshold of the new Jerusalem. Indeed, its end is not biography but a breathtaking meditation on time and memory, on the human soul and the material world, and on the creative and redemptive power of God himself.

In Dr. Anthony Esolen’s new translation, the esteemed translator and author seeks to retain and reveal the figurative by hewing as closely as possible to the literal, both in the significance of individual words and in the manner of the author’s expression. Confessions is a work of literary art, “one of the most stupendous ever wrought,” he says, immensely rich in insights, and intricate in its returning, again and again, to the questions of a soul in search of truth and of answers ready to be found, if we will only seek, and ask, and knock.

Confessions is like no other book you will ever read. According to Dr. Esolen, “The Confessions is one continued and coherent prayer, a profound profession of faith, and a plea for more, ever more wisdom, ever more love. It is artistic in its whole conception, in its parts and their arrangement down to the merest sentence. It is closer to the Gothic cathedrals that would grace Europe eight hundred years later than to anything that you or I might write about ourselves and our lives.”

In Confessions, the reader does more than encounter Augustine, the boy, the promising youth, the sinner, the teacher, the intellectual wanderer, the hesitant catechumen, and the Christian man set free at last. Through this book, the reader enters into his own spiritual journey, as we cry out to the living God in the depths of our hearts, “Let me know you, O Lord, who know me; let me know you even as I am known.”

Publication Date:
St. Augustine of Hippo
New Translation By:
Anthony Esolen

Editorial Reviews

Joseph Pearce

Joseph Pearce (Internationally acclaimed author of bestselling books such as of Frodo’s Journey, Further Up & Further In, Old Thunder, and C.S. Lewis & The Catholic Church)

“Anthony Esolen in creative union with Saint Augustine is a match made in heaven. Anyone who has read Antony Esolen's books or essays knows that the words fly from his pen with flashes of lucid brilliance. Anyone who has read his poetry knows that the Muse descends like a dove of divinity and ascends again on angelic wings of praise. Anyone who has read his translation of Dante's Divine Comedy knows that he has the humility to put his great gifts at the service of those whose gifts are even greater. This is why Anthony Esolen's creative engagement with Saint Augustine is a marriage of Muses made in heaven. It takes a great mind to grasp the mind of Augustine and a great heart to love the Lord Our God with the burning love of Augustine. Anthony Esolen has a mind and a heart that are equal to the task. I say it again: Anthony Esolen's translation of Augustine's Confessions is a meeting of minds and hearts which is a match made in heaven. May God be praised for bringing these souls together in creative fusion.”

R. Jared Staudt PhD

R. Jared Staudt PhD (Author of numerous books including best-seller How the Eucharist Can Save Civilization)

"Esolen attends closely to both the literal and figurative demands of Augustine's master rhetoric, enabling us to contemplate the great truths of God and conversion with him. We certainly need the spiritual nourishment of this great classic, opened for us anew by Esolen's masterful translation."

C.C. Pecknold, PhD (The Catholic University of America)

"It is a difficult thing to bring the crisp elegance and sonorous beauty of Augustine’s Latin into an equally resonant English register — but Anthony Esolen has done it! This new translation of Augustine’s Confessions sings with the same grace, and pulses with the same power. An absolute triumph!"

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