The Life of St. Joseph as Seen by the Mystics

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Saint Joseph stands close to Jesus and Mary at the heart of the gospel story. Yet he remains largely in the background, silent and steady. Not surprisingly, Christians throughout the ages have pondered deeply this mystery that is Joseph.

Many have speculated about the unknown details of his life, and several mystics were granted visions that portrayed the hidden days—both the ordinary and the extraordinary—of Our Lord’s appointed guardian vividly and profoundly. The Life of Saint Joseph as Seen by the Mystics weaves together into a single narrative numerous episodes from five such visionaries: Saint Bridget of Sweden, Servant of God Marina de Escobar, Venerable Mary of Ágreda, Venerable Maria Cecilia Baij, and Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich.

The Church insists that such private revelations cannot be viewed as another Gospel, nor even as accurate historical accounts or theological treatises. Instead, they provide a kind of sacred drama, full of spiritual insight and devotional power. In this fascinating story—which reads more like a novel than a history book—you’ll journey alongside Saint Joseph as he:

  • Matures from childhood to manhood in preparation for his unique mission
  • Responds with courage and wisdom to the startling revelations he receives in dreams
  • Protects and cares for his Family during their journey to Bethehem and their sojourn in Egypt
  • Labors daily to provide for his household during the “hidden years” in Nazareth
  • Suffers heroically in his final years, dying peacefully in the arms of Jesus and Mary

This work serves as a companion to The Life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics, compiled by Raphael Brown (TAN Books, 1991). Together, the two books offer a compelling vision of the Holy Family that can deepen and transform your devotion to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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Paul Thigpen, PhD
TAN Books

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