The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism's Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration

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Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them…For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly place.” — Ephesians 5:11-6:12 

In 1837, Karl Marx wrote: “My soul, once true to God, / is chosen for Hell.”

There isn’t a clearer example of a man who chose Hell for himself, and then designed and promoted living hells for others. While many think the danger of communism has passed, The Devil and Karl Marx proves otherwise. In this book, Paul Kengor brilliantly describes the demonic nature of communist ideology and how it still exists in our world.

In his book, Kengor covers all the things you need to know about the present danger of Marxism, including:

  • Karl Marx’s influence historically  
  • The Bolshevik war on religion and the Church’s response
  • The Church’s teachings on Atheism and Communism 
  • The way Marxism has infiltrated and manipulated members of the Church 
  • The way communism influences radicals today

Kengor shows that the problem of Marxism is not really about economic or political concerns, but the eternal problem of spiritual warfare and good versus evil. It is dangerous, and intellectually dishonest, to separate the many evils of communism from the demonic inspiration of Karl Marx. Many have attempted to excuse the countless deaths caused by Marx’s theories, but Kengor demonstrates that this is exactly the reason we need to condemn Marx. 

In this book, Kengor will give you the tools to understand Marx’s evil ideology and see the diabolical side of his writing. He will explain how Marx’s fascination with the Devil caused a great evil that echoes even into the modern age. The Devil and Karl Marx is a chilling examination of the real demonic powers found Marx.

Paul Kengor
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8 Reviews

  • 5
    Awesome book!

    Posted by Stephen K. on May 24th 2023

    Fascinating read, very timely, and exceptional research. I couldn;t put this book down!

  • 5
    Exceptional Work

    Posted by Matthew on May 24th 2023

    Paul Kengor provides an excellent appraisal to the pernicious system of thought begun by Karl Marx. His description of Marxism and its various offspring is nothing short of hair-raising. This work should be required reading of all high-school and/or college students.

  • 5
    A must read for our time!

    Posted by Jeff C. on May 24th 2023

    Should be mandatory reading for all High School students. If people actually knew what the evils of communism were, there would be no debate to eradicate it from our country.

  • 5
    The Devil and Karl Marx, an evil spirit who, even after death, "prowls the world seeking the ruin of souls"!

    Posted by Robert J. on May 24th 2023

    I have a masters degree in political science but never read anything on Karl Marx simply because I thought him to be a real nut case. This book confirms my impression and more. He and his communism, a perversion of the voluntary communal sharing of private property described in the Acts of the Apostles, truly can be considered pure evil. A good book for the woke people to read. Their hero was a vile, egotistical, parasite on family, friends, and the world.

  • 4
    Great insight

    Posted by Jessica S. on Jan 19th 2023

    My nephew who is 13 years old read this book in one day! He loves it and was surprised of the reality of communism. We need to teach our youth about this reality

  • 5
    All Christians need to understand Communism

    Posted by Brian F. on Aug 30th 2022

    All Christians need to be able to recognize Marxist/communist thought in our world today. It is thoroughly anti-thetical to God and I firmly believe demonic in origin. Paul Kengor has an interesting writing style and I appreciate his writing this book and researching Marxs personal history and connecting dots for the reader. I highly recommend this book. Christus vincit!

  • 5
    Full of gritty details

    Posted by Stacia B. on Aug 23rd 2022

    If you would like to understand the dark habits and characters of those who the modern woke would have us look up to, read this book. You will understand the diabolic effects their ideas have had on our world.

  • 5
    Disturbingly accurate

    Posted by Matthew D. on Apr 15th 2022

    This book opens up the deep dysfunction and demonic influences on Karl Marx and companions. Its hauntingly informative about the Wests greatest internal challenge. This should be required reading in our schools.

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