Two Statues (eBook)

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Masterful storytelling from Catholic fiction author Brian Kennelly, Two Statues is the story of belief in what is unbelievable!

Buck Washington moved to the quiet shores of Edisto Island, South Carolina, to retire and live out his life in peace. Instead he found a mysterious violin-playing neighbor named Walt . . . and an adventure he would never forget.

A thousand miles away in Worcester, Massachusetts, Father Peter Moore is suffering a crisis of faith. But before he can leave his vocation and the Church he has served since youth, Peter is given a final mission: to investigate whether a strangely-acting statue of the Virgin Mary is a fraud, a freak of nature—or a finger pointing to the providence of God.

In Two Statues, first-time novelist Brian Kennelly has penned a tale of family, life, and adventure that will absorb you as you rush through its pages and stay with you long after the last one is turned.

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