Saint Louis De Montfort (eBook)

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The story of St. Louis is an example of a man entirely devoted to Our Lady. As told through the many stories of his life as a priest in France, his great love of the Blessed Virgin will inspire your children. Children will love to hear about their mother in heaven, who asks them each day to rely on her for comfort and strength in the trials of life. The valuable lessons of St. Louis de Montfort’s life with stay with your children throughout their whole lives, especially as they make their way to sainthood. 

Mary Fabyan Windeatt was known as the “Storyteller of the Saints” in the mid-20th century and wrote 20 works that retell the lives of the saints in a historically rooted and creative manner. Her inspiring rendition of the story of Saint Louis de Montfort will teach your children to go “to Jesus though Mary.”

Ideal for all children, whether read by them or aloud to them, the lessons of this book are applicable and relatable to all ages. If your child is enrolled in TAN Academy, this book is an excellent option for easy reading literature for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. 

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