Growth In Holiness (eBook)

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Fr. Frederick William Faber was one of the greatest Catholic writers in the English language of the 19th century. Initially an Anglican priest, he found his way into the Catholic Church through the preaching of St. John Henry Newman and the Oxford Movement, eventually being ordained a priest and an Oratorian. His works are numerous, and each satisfies a different part of the soul's need for knowledge and strengthening in the Catholic religion.

Perhaps one of his best books, Growth in Holiness presents Fr. Faber's thoughts on the spiritual journey of the Christian soul as she yearns for God. No slouch in the spiritual life, Fr. Faber experienced intense suffering both physical and emotional as he struggled to be Catholic in anti-Catholic England; his keenest insights are gathered here, including such topics as:

  • Ruling Passion,
  • Human Respect,
  • Right View of Faults,
  • Abiding Sorrow for Sin,
  • Scruples,
  • Spiritual Idleness, and
  • True Signs of Progress in the Spiritual Life.

Let Fr. Faber's deep wisdom guide you through growth in holiness—the true goal of each of our lives, far more than our natural welfare!

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