Catholics in the Public Square (eBook)

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(Part of The Shepherd’s Voice Series: The Shepherd’s Voice Series brings you the current teaching of Bishops and Cardinals on vital topics facing the Catholic Church today.)

As Catholics in the modern world, we have certain responsibilities to our nation, our families and ourselves. What duties we owe can be a matter of considerable debate. Popular culture tells us that we shouldn’t speak about religion and politics in the public arena. But what is our authentic role as Catholics in today’s world?

Bishop Thomas Olmstead explains what is appropriate in today’s secular world and how we should seek to influence our nation and the political process, in light of our Catholic faith.

You will learn the answers to these important issues and more:
•    How to fight against secularization in our society and the misrepresentation of faith in public
•    How Catholics can contribute to a culture of life
•    What role Catholic doctrine should play in the public square
•    What issues can ban Catholics from Holy Communion
•    What the “non-negotiable” issues are for Catholics involved in politics
•    What main responsibilities Catholics have to their families
This is an invaluable guide for those faithful looking for the best way to lead a Catholic life in public in today's fraught society.
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