A Story of Saint Lawrence


St. Lawrence was born in 225 AD and lived during the early years of the Church and experienced the harsh persecution of Christians under Roman Emperor Valerian. To this day, little is known about the details of St. Lawrence's life. However, we do know the Church holds him in high esteem and that his holy example was formative in the early years of the Church.

Stories of St. Lawrence include his direct opposition to Emperor Valerian and his love for the true treasures of Christ's Church, His people. Martyred in the year 258 AD, St. Lawrence proved himself a model of true devotion to Christ and His Church.

St. Lawrence is the patron saint of school children, the poor, and comedians. Your children will enjoy this story of St. Lawrence's life, complete with beautiful illustrations. You will enjoy it too, knowing your children are learning about a model of holiness that we can strive to emulate in our daily lives.

Br. Lawrence Emge, CSC
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