Prayer: The Great Means of Grace (MP3 Audio Download)

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According to the great St. Alphonsus Liguori, the choice between going to Heaven and going to Hell depends on whether or not we pray—since prayer is the great means of grace! But that does not have to cause us trouble, since all we need to do is pray simply and humbly.

Many try to overcomplicate their prayer lives by pining after meditation and contemplation—objectively higher levels of prayer that do not necessarily correspond to the best way for them to try to commune with God. That's where the simple basics of foundational vocal prayer come in; this kind of prayer holds a special place in the life of Christians, because of its special place in God's heart.

Based on Scripture and the lives and words of the Saints, this booklet shows the power of our seemingly lowly prayers of petition, especially the Our Father and Hail Mary. Although some souls are favored with exalted forms of prayer, nothing is more practical or essential than a simple, humble prayer life based on the perennial, traditional prayers of the Church. After all, when the disciples asked Jesus how they should pray, how did He respond?

MP3 Audio Download

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