What Faith Really Means: A Simple Explanation


What does Divine Faith really mean? No one outside the Catholic Church can answer the question with any certainty. Something indefinite concerning God and our Lord Jesus Christ, a vague and hazy notion about the truths of religion is all that it conveys to the non-Catholic mind.

And yet it is the most important question for the souls of men: For Our Lord said, Unless you believe you shall be condemned. (Mark 16:16). What am I to believe? is the puzzling problem that perturbs the soul of every well-disposed man and woman outside the fold of the Church.

They search in vain for something certain to hold on by, and the more they search amongst the non-Catholic creeds the more they find confusion worse confounded. (From the Foreword to the book).

What Faith Really Means, by the author of Where We Got the Bible, shows clearly the difference between Catholic faith and Protestant trust in Jesus as Personal Saviour. It shows what Catholic faith really means and why it is all-encompassing and soul-satisfying, as opposed to Protestant faith, which is really only trust in Jesus plus ones own interpretation of the Bible. This book is crucial for today when so many young Catholics are deserting their faith for Protestant denominations.

Fr. Henry G. Graham
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