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Saint Philomena: The Wonder-Worker

Though nothing historical is known of her, Saint Philomena: The Wonder-Worker, was declared a Saint in 1837, only 35 years after the discovery of her relics. Here is the whole incredible story, plus many accounts of her tremendous favors and miracles. Another St. Jude to call on in our desperate needs.

The Holy Ghost, Our Greatest Friend: He Who Loves Us Best

The Holy Ghost, Our Greatest Friend: He Who Loves Us Best is a beautiful little book "all about the Holy Ghost," including prayers to Him. Shows He really and truly dwells in every soul that is in the state of grace. He aids all Christians without exception, if only we will ask His help. Enlightening and encouraging!

How to Be Happy, How to Be Holy 

Inside the pages of How to Be Happy, How to Be Holy, which contains lovely short anecdotes from the lives of the Saints, showing us in a warm, encouraging and inspiring way the importance of prayer and the ease with which we can all derive great benefits therefrom, without yet being Saints ourselves. Covers the meaning of the basic Catholic prayers; plus, the Mysteries of the Rosary and the wonders of the Mass. Written for all and all should read it.

The Wonders of the Holy Name

The Wonders of the Holy Name, urges us to invoke the name of Jesus often. By reverent use of the Holy Name, we can glorify God, call on His aid, pay our spiritual debts, assist the Poor Souls, etc. Remarkable! 

All About the Angels

All About the Angels , is a wonderful book showing how the angels have visited people innumerable times in the past, how they do so today, and would do even more if we asked them. Also, how they prevent accidents, comfort us, help us, and protect us from the devils. Contains many beautiful stories about St. Michael, St. Raphael, and St. Gabriel; plus, angel stories from St. Gemma Galgani, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John Bosco, etc. One of our 3 most popular titles!

The Wonders of the Mass 

The Wonders of the Mass, says "The Mass is the greatest wonder in the world," seconded only by "the next greatest wonder. . .the indifference and ignorance of Catholics regarding the Mass." Quotes Saints, plus Our Lord Himself in revelations to various Saints. Filled with incomparable insights on the glories of the Mass.

Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, EDM OP, STL
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