Credo: An RCIA Program


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Each year, pastors and catechists face the challenge of welcoming new Catholics into the Church, yet few resources are available to help them introduce the Faith in a comprehensive way.

We’ve teamed with the Dominican Friars and the Thomistic Institute in Washington, D.C. to develop Credo, a groundbreaking RCIA video program that carefully teaches catechumens the key tenets of the Faith. The accompanying guide book walks candidates through the course, introduces them to the treasures of the Catholic faith, and is a valuable reference during their formation and beyond.

Credo includes sessions for Mystagogy, the often neglected period of discovery after catechumens are received into the Church. Plus, powerful interviews from recent converts allow catechumens to hear from their brothers and sisters who have already completed their journey through the Church’s doors.

This complete and customizable 36 session program works with any level of current RCIA engagement. Use it as a supplement or make it the core of your RCIA.
The Credo Prayer Book is a companion piece to the RCIA program Credo and has been compiled to introduce catechumens and candidates to the wealth of Catholic devotional prayers. It offers a representative sampling of the most common vocal prayers said by Catholics. While it was originally composed for new Catholics, it can certainly be used by any Catholic to assist and nurture one’s prayer life.

Following the prayers, a brief compendium of various important lists and other information can be found, such as the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Precepts of the Church, and others.

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