At $34.95, this 11 x 11 Agnus Dei Calendar and Daily Planner is a 12-month planner for the 2024 calendar year. This full size, spiral-bound design allows plenty of space for daily appointments in a lay-flat format. It has quickly become a favorite for either home or office use among professionals, students, and busy homeschooling families.




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2024 Agnus Dei Calendar

Step into a year of spiritual enrichment and organization with the 2024 Agnus Dei Calendar and Planner. This thoughtfully designed planner is dedicated to anyone seeking a deeper connection with their faith while managing the demands of modern life.

  • Weekly Planner in full color
  • Novenas for each month at the beginning of the planner. The weekly planner section includes notes on specific days to start the novenas.
  • Pages for personal goals for the year
  • Space to customize your reading list for the year
  • A story and an illustration of a saint for each week
  • Eye-catching design, simple but elegant
  • Spiral-bound, concealed spiral
  • Dates from the New and Traditional calendar
  • A list of saints' days and non-movable feasts in the calendar
  • Holy days and holidays for the year 2024
  • A comprehensive list of patron saints
  • List of the 36 Doctors of the Church, the 14 Holy Helpers, Saturdays of Our Lady
  • Explanation of fasting and abstinence

Monthly Devotionals:
Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Catholic saints, prayers, and inspirational quotes that will uplift your spirit and guide you through the sacred journey of each month.

Liturgical Calendar:
Stay attuned to the liturgical seasons, feast days, and solemnities of the Catholic Church. The 2024 Agnus Dei Calendar seamlessly weaves these divine rhythms into the fabric of your daily existence.


Monthly Intentions:

Dedicate each month to a specific intention, allowing you to focus your prayers and actions on different aspects of your life—family, friendships, personal growth, and more—offering them for the glory of God.

Inspirational Artwork:

Throughout the planner, you'll encounter stunningly crafted artwork, showcasing meaningful Saints and timeless Catholic symbols in full color. 


Embrace grace, purpose, and faith as you journey through the year with the 2024 Agnus Dei Calendar and Planner

With its blend of pragmatic organization and soul-stirring content, this planner will guide you towards a life infused with devotion, intention, and the unending love of Christ. Elevate each moment and stride confidently on your path of faith with the 2024 Agnus Dei Calendar and Planner.