Mary Magdalen in the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich

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Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich was one of the most privileged and gifted mystics in Church history. Throughout much suffering and sacrifice, she received in holy ecstasies miraculous visions of the lives of Our Lord, Our Lady, and the saints.

One of the personages in these visions is, of course, Mary Magdalen, central as she was to much of the Gospel story. She is considered less often than others, yet Blessed Anne Catherine's visions are extremely telling about the significance of this prototype of all penitents, considered by the Church the "apostle to the apostles" (since she announced the Resurrection of Our Lord).

Mary Magdalen in the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich reveals not only the Biblical account of Mary Magdalen's interactions with Our Lord, Lazarus and Mary, and the disciples, but also her early life. Contained in these pages are her fall to sin at the age of 9, her attempts at repentance, and far more than visionary has ever reported of her. Let the visions of the holy mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich guide you to a deep, fruitful relationship with Mary Magdalen, the patron saint of all penitents—and therefore of all of us.

Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich
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6 Reviews

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    Mary Magdalen

    Posted by Elizabeth A. Saia on May 27th 2023

    Purchased for a friend and she loves it.

  • 5
    A Must Read!

    Posted by Grettacole on May 24th 2023

    Beautifully written...the details of the blessed St. Mary Magdalene are so vivid and heartfelt. The visions of our Lord Jesus by Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich felt like you were right there. It is a great book and I want to read more of Emmerich;s writings.

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    Mary Magdalen in the Visions of Catherine Emmerich

    Posted by Thomas H. on Jul 21st 2022

    A very good book that counters some of the "fiction" encountered in the TV series called "The Chosen," which contains a number of heretical things, especially the treatment afforded to the Blessed Virgin, where in Season 2, Episode 3, it promotes the idea that the birth of Christ was a natural birth. This is counter to the dogmatic teaching of the Church. As for the portrayal of Mary Magdalen, it is nothing but fiction--a tame word for falsehood. Definitely recommend this book to anyone considering watching that series, though I would not recommend it to anyone.

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    Really Interesting

    Posted by Anna S. on Apr 29th 2022

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It gave a great account on Mary Magdalen;s life once she met Jesus. It also gave great insight into some of the suffering that Jesus went through, especially at the Agony in the Garden. It's great to use when meditating or to read as a story.

  • 5
    So far- so good

    Posted by Richard O. on Apr 23rd 2022

    Ma book that interests me- both subject and author. Oh, and price! Book was priced great, arrived quickly and so far - Im just getting started- its been great!

  • 4
    Mary Magdalen in the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich

    Posted by JoAnn A. on Mar 5th 2022

    The book is well written and easy to read and understand. I was surprised at the revelations of Mary Magdalen;s life and conversion, as well as some revelations about other Biblical people.

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