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The Book of the Year Club offers live stream interactions to help you understand the book more profoundly. Including a new guest co-host every episode and recorded video excerpts of podcasts, you will learn how meditating on death applies to your everyday life.

Plus, when you join the Book of the Year Club, you will recieve discount codes and enter into a chance to win a copy of Meditations on Death every episode.

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How Do You Join the Book of the Year Club?

Just register and watch the live stream (First one is January 24th). You'll be part of the club and automatically entered to win a free copy of Meditations on Death!

Why Join?

Meditating on Death is no small task. We want to begin this year with the end in mind, not just any intermediate end but the Final End. The door of death is part of this journey, and we want to help you along this journey so that when you knock on that door, you are prepared. It is our hope that these episodes will help guide you to better understand the depths of this work and the importance of implementing this practice into your spiritual life.

Our Lord's most holy passion and death offers the greatest meditation, but pondering our own imminent death can bring us great fruit as it prepares us for the most important thing we will do: enter into eternity.

In this soul-jarring work, Thomas à Kempis guides the reader to consider the four last things: death, judgment, heaven, and hell. Meditations on Death is like a mini-retreat that will redirect your heart to eternal things rather than passing things. With the Book of the Year Club, you can truly enter into this work as the mini-retreat it is inteded to be through guided discussion contemplating the four last things and the eternal soul.

Meditations On Death Video Playlist

Upcoming Episodes:

  • Fear of Death
  • The End
  • Hell
  • Heaven
  • The Great Equalizer
  • No Regrets
  • Remedy For Temptation
  • The Bagel Setting
  • Big Takeaway

Monthly Episodes

Introducing Our Book of the Year:
Meditations on Death Preparing for Eternity

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ISBN: 9781505128062

For the Christian, the soul is immortal and there is eternal life to come after our death: heaven or hell. Our goal is heaven and nothing less. However, there is the mysterious door to eternal life which is death. The door of death is important for the Christian because of its finality. There are no more choices after death.

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A Three Part Reflection on The Joy of Death

Part I: Reflections on the Last Things

Part II: A Discourse in the Person of a Sinner About to Die

Part III: Canticles to Heaven