Saint Benedict (Windeatt Comprehension Set)


Mary Fabyan Windeatt was known as “the storyteller of the saints.” In the 1950’s and 60’s she wrote over twenty histor­ical fiction novels on the saints, bringing to life these holy men and women for young readers across the world.

TAN Books now offers these companion workbooks to her beloved novels. Each workbook is meant to test your student’s read­ing comprehension, instruct them on matters of the Catholic faith, and bring them closer to each of these great saints. Through engaging and fun activities like crossword puzzles and word searches, as well as through essays and challenging multiple choice questions, they will come to better know the content and sanctity found in each story.

This workbook set accompanies Saint Benedict: The Story of the Father of the Western Monks. Here, young people will learn about one of the giants of the Church and the founder of Western Monasticism. The life of Benedict was one of heroism and holiness, and even one of great danger as those around him plotted several times to kill him. No Catholic education is complete without learning the amazing and miraculous tale of this holy father of the Church.

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