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Erin Flynn

Erin Flynn

Erin Flynn

Noted Catholic author Vinny Flynn and his daughter Erin have designed what is destined to become a much-loved companion volume for Mass and Adoration. Combining the best of tradition and modernity, this beautiful, deluxe volume will help you enter into the prayers of the Mass more fully and, thus, derive more benefit from not only the Holy Sacrifice, but from your Holy Hours before the Blessed Sacrament, and your personal prayer time as well. • beautiful versions of both ancient and modern prayers • brief explanatory notes to guide you through the different parts of the Mass • entire section of prayers for Adoration • space to make personal notations and add your own personal favorite prayers Mass and Adoration Companion will help you develop your own unique way of conversing with God, so that Adoration and other prayer times will become completely centered on the loving and personal gift of the Presence of God, and so that the Mass will never again be just an hour-long event, but an inspiration and an aid to living a Eucharistic spirituality that will change your life.

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