Reclaiming Feminism: The Church's Traditions and Teachings on the Dignity of Women


We've all heard about the "war on women," and most of us have been told that the Catholic Church is one of the main institutional oppressors of women. But it isn't true. There is indeed a war on women, but the Catholic Church stands firmly on the side of women against oppression!

The world has sold women a bill of goods. When it comes to abortion, birth control, or sex outside of marriage, women are told these actions or lifestyles are necessary for their true freedom. This so-called "freedom," however, has been narrowly defined by and limited to sexuality, and brings with it a host of physical, emotional and spiritual consequences. 

In this elective, Teresa Tomeo takes a closer look at these "freedoms" and relates how medical science, sociological studies, and surveys performed by major secular institutions all show the truth of Catholic teaching concerning the fallout of the sexual revolution touted by radical feminists. 

Compare for yourself what the culture says about the Church and women to what the Church really teaches about women. (It is after all, the Catholic Church who upholds the teaching that a woman, Mary the Mother of God, has been given the title "Queen of Heaven.") Among the Church documents referred to in this elective are: 

  • Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI
  • Mulieris Dignitatem by Pope St. John Paul II
  • Papal Letter to Women by Pope St. John Paul II
  • Evangelium Vitae by Pope St. John Paul II
  • Women in the Early Church by Pope Benedict XVI

All the documents are hidden gems of truth and support the equality and dignity of women - and all of them are written by the men who govern the Catholic Church! 

Finally, Teresa Tomeo will help you understand the Scriptures in a new way in terms of Jesus' interactions with women. You'll be able to appreciate his desire for women to embrace their true dignity and identity as daughters of the King of Kings. 

Get the real story about women and the Catholic Church - Teresa Tomeo presents the facts, fictions, and timeless truths about the love of Christ and his Church for all women.

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