What to Do with the Least of Our Brothers?: Finding Moral Solutions to the Problem of Endangered Embryos

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It seems at times unthinkable that a book like this would have to be written, although, one is relatively sure that Aldous Huxley foresaw its necessity when he wrote Brave New World. But the time has arrived in reality when babies are manufactured in sterile facilities and tested for their fitness for life in the world.

While we have not yet advanced sufficiently in the biological sciences to entirely forego natural gestation in favor of the prenatal programming process Huxley describes, we have reached the point where those unwanted embryos are set aside, freeze dried, and abandoned or destroyed when they do not meet the standard set for a child.

This book affirms the intrinsic goodness of the life of each embryo and explores from the Catholic perspective the possibility of frozen embryo rescue by adoption. It looks at those arguments that see the elements of in vitro fertilization as so contrary to the faith and the natural law as to be irrecoverably intrinsically evil and rejects those, instead favoring a small and narrow path of adoption to fully re-incorporate a child, through the love of a mother and a father, into the society which abandoned it.

Fr. C. Ryan McCarthy
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    Very informative and thought provoking!

    Posted by Kathy L. on Dec 4th 2022

    Very informative and thought provoking!