Real Suffering: Finding Hope & Healing in the Trials of Life (Group Study Edition)

Why do we suffer so much in this life? What is the purpose and meaning of our trials? How can we find hope and healing amidst our sorrow? Dr. Bob Schuchts, Founder and President of the John Paul II Healing Center, seeks to answer these difficult questions in a new 4-part series by Saint Benedict Press: Real Suffering: Finding Hope and Healing in the Trials of Life.

Suffering is something that touches everyone from the poor to the powerful. It can lead to doubts about God’s love, and can leave hearts unhappy for a lifetime. But it doesn’t have to be this way. What if suffering was the catalyst to our union with Christ?

Drawing on decades of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as on his own personal crosses, Dr. Schuchts expertly and compassionately examines the complex nature of human suffering. Dissecting the three basic categories of human trial—physical pain, emotional loss, and spiritual guilt—he shows the underlying purpose of our sorrows and helps us to see how, if we bear our crosses with faith, they can be a means for us to draw closer to God.
Parish Pack:
Contains streaming, participant study guide, journal, and a bonus supplement paperbound book. 
Parish Study Pack:
Contains participant study guide, journal, and bonus supplement paperbound book.
The journal and paperbound book are optional to the study but are included in the packs.

Dr. Bob Schuchts
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