TAN Academy CoOp Package

TAN Academy offers tailored professional support to hybrid academies and co-ops that use our curriculum through our licensure program. Co-ops are run locally, and homeschooling families typically meet one or two days a week for classes, labs, and fine arts activities.

  TAN Academy Co-ops receive:

  • A dedicated account consultant** to help support the implementation of the Co-op (to include counsel from start-up to maintenance to curricula planning needs),
  • marketing materials for the co-op (including licensure to use the TAN logo and name),
  • 50% TAN Academy textbooks and course materials for the teachers.  

TAN Academy Co-op families receive:

  • A 10% discount off of TAN Academy Enrollment


**New Co-Ops receive five (5) 60-minute start-up consultations prior to opening their doors. New and existing Co-ops also receive one (1) 60-minute consultation every month from September through May.

Note, this is not an umbrella program or franchising opportunity, this is access to resources, listed above, which will allow a Co-op to use TAN Academy curriculum and books for their organization.