St. Gallen Mafia / Benedict XVI Combo Set


Resolute Defender of the Faith

In Benedict XVI: Defender of the Faith, we see the steadfast shepherd who shielded the herd from the wolves outside her walls and the wolves in sheep’s clothing within. As a sheep among wolves, Pope Benedict XVI understood the injunction of Christ to “Be as shrewd as serpents, and innocent as doves”.

From the beginning of his rise to prominence within the Roman Curia, Ratzinger worked to uphold sacred Tradition. As a fervent defender of orthodoxy, he made great strides in resisting the powerful tide of modernism rising within the Church. He left an enduring gift to the faithful with the restoration of the traditional Latin liturgy.

Pope Benedict XVI stood tall as a firm leader in the war that is still being waged, and we can safely look to him as one of the most resolute defenders of the Faith in the Church’s long history.

On Feb 11, 2013, Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world by stepping down as Pope. Benedict XVI is the first pope to resign the papacy since Pope St. Celestine V. Since then, questions have swirled in abundance. What are the reasons he resigned? Was he pressured to abdicate? Did he know who would be elected next? Was there a sinister plot to undermine the tradition of the Church?

Benedict resisted the forces of the Saint Gallen Mafia during his papacy, and before as he worked under Pope John Paul II. After Benedict’s election, a disgruntled mafia member was displeased with the conservative pope and leaked mysterious “confessions” as propaganda against him. In their bid to bring mainstream culture into the Church and rewrite the face of the Church in the image of the world, Benedict's election was a powerful blow.

As Benedict's papacy waned, a certain Cardinal from Argentina grew increasingly friendlier with the members of the secret mafia. After their last bid in 2005, the St. Gallen Mafia began to set the stage for the election of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis in 2013.

The St. Gallen Mafia recounts the rumblings of revolution in the Church that began in the 1970s and impacted the political maneuvering of the left at the 2005 papal election of Pope Benedict XVI. The ricochet is still felt to the present day.

With a well-researched backbone and engaging tone, this book reads like a suspenseful thriller. The complex mystery is still unfolding today, and Meloni has thoroughly researched and footnoted even the most shocking discoveries to fully expose and verify the buried truth.


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